1.Small size, high capacity;

2.Rated current have fixed type and adjustable type(0.8In-1.0In);

3.Modular structure design, better performance;

4.Ics=100% Icu;

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TRE series circuit breakers and auxiliaries comply with the following international standard:

IEC/EN 60947-1: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear-Part 1: General rules

IEC/EN 60947-2: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear-Part 2: Circuit breakers

TRE series ELCB(Standard use environment for TRE series ELCB)
1. Ambient temperature: Within the range of -5ºC--+40ºC(However, the average for the duration of 24 hours must not exceed 35ºC);
2. Altitude: 2000m or less
3. Installation class: III
4. The magnetic field near the instalation site should not be more than five times the earth magnetic field in any direction.
5. Pollution: II

According to the poles:                                        3-poles, 4-poles
According to the breaking capacity:                       S-type, H-type
According to the rated current:                             Fix type, Adjustable type(08In-1.0In)
According to the trip action time:                           Fix type, Adjustable type(0.1s/0.3s/0.5s or 0.45s/1.0s/2.0s)
According to the rated residual current:                 Fix type, Adjustable type(30mA/100mA/300mA/500mA)

Frame sizeTREF4 (250A)
Breaking capacity codeSH
Type and pole3P4P3P4P
Protective functionOverload & Short-circuit & Ground fault
Rated current ,In (A)100A, 125A, 160A, 180A, 200A, 225A, 250A
Rated residual currentOperating ,IΔn (mA)30mA, 50mA,100mA,200mA,300mA,500mA
Non-operating ,IΔno (mA)15mA,25mA,50mA,100mA,150mA,250mA
Adjustable partRated current setting(0.8In~1.0In)
Lockup device for operating handle
Residual current setting, IΔn30mA / 100mA / 300mA / 500mA
Trip action time setting0.1s / 0.3s / 0.5s
Rated operational voltage ,Ue (V) ,AC 50/60 Hz240V/415V
Rated insulation voltage ,Ui (V)1000V
Rated impulse withstand voltage ,Uimp (KV)8kV
Residual current off-time at IΔn ,Sec (s)0.1s
StandardConformity with IEC / EN 60947-2
Rated frequency (Hz)50/60 Hz
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity ,Icu (KA)
Mechanical life (circle)7000
Electrical life (circle)1000



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