Quality Control



Strictly control

1. Survival from superb craftsmanship
Quality is the life of an enterprise. After more than a dozen years of hard work, it is based on the business philosophy of "quality casting and the brand overflowing global". To ensure product quality, the company is equipped with a full set of product detection equipment. Use new industrial concepts and technical forces to produce products that meet international standards. High -quality technical personnel are the guarantee of product quality. The company has always adhered to superb craftsmanship and meticulous work attitude.

2. Derived from the leading technology
The company has always regarded scientific and technological innovation as the core strategy of the enterprise. It not only strengthened its independent research and development, but also focused on the introduction of digestion and absorption and re -innovation. It combined independent innovation with the introduction of digestion and absorption and then innovation, and continuously walked at the forefront of technology and the commanding heights of the development of enterprises.

3. Survival from a perfect system
The perfect system is the guarantee of product quality. In terms of process quality control, the company has established operating specifications for each product, clarified the key control points and relevant requirements of the process, and realized the transition from the quality control of the result to the quality control of the process.

4. Derived from professional testing
Make full use of advanced production technology at home and abroad, and through continuous improvement of development, a complete quality control system has formed, so that "manufacturing becomes a reliable quality assurance. From materials to finished products, we implement quality control to every link of production to production. . The test center strictly control each product and persistently implement the "boutique strategy".

5. Stripted from efficient management
The company has a team of hard -quality employees, and has a group of talents with expertise and pragmatism, which provides efficient management and strong support for the company's quality. The company has a modern production plant and a comprehensive office building. It has formed a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights, with product development and experimental platforms. ISO9001 system certification has been passed.