High power test equipment

Automated production equipment, exquisite assembly line production, show high quality. Technicians directly participate in production to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. Strict production procedures, effective work efficiency is a necessary foundation for all. Based on this, we did not hesitate to invest a large amount of funds to introduce modern production equipment and build a modern workshop, standardize production procedures, and meet the needs of increasingly developing enterprises.

Our R & D concept: Concentrated on the rigorous inheritance of science and rigorous inheritance and continuous innovation

Our research and development always adheres to the new development of the new scientific research achievements and related technologies of China and foreign clusters The level of R & D;
Acting against conceptual marketing, exaggeration and resignation;
The combination of independent innovation and social innovation, which not only focuses on the construction and training of the research and development team The colleges and senior personnel maintain good cooperation to promote the continuous innovation of product research and development.